Hong Kong Police Certificate

For the Hong Kong Police Certificate, there really isn’t too much to say on the application because HK police department is really clear and efficient on what needs to be provided. Relative links are here:

Hong Kong Police Force

One thing that could create confusion is the mailing address of the IRCC case processing center. As you know the Hong Kong police department by regulation cannot issue a certificate to the applicant, instead it has to be mailed to the immigration office directly. Firstly of all, you have to find out which office is processing your case. For example my case is being processed by the Ottawa office. While I searched the internet to find the correct address, there were some misleading ones like below:

219 Laurier Avenue West, 7th floor, section B, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1A 1L1

Note: the above address is the WRONG address. I called the 219 Laurier Avenue West, turns out that was the OLD address of IRCC and it’s currently under construction as of Apr 2017. Sending mails there will not get your mails delivered to IRCC.

The new and correct address of IRCC Ottawa case processing center is:

365 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1A 1L1

Typically it takes four calendar weeks for the mail to be delivered. So once IRCC grands you with 60 days till the deadline, you’d better apply no later than 30 days since the request.

Note: this blog is posted on Apr 2017 and please double check if they updated the mailing address

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作者:[美]Duncan Clark。翻译:李鑫。2016年8月版

阿里巴巴的故事在中国已是家喻户晓,马云的个人魅力和非凡的商业头脑也早已声名远扬。而一千个人眼中会有一千个不一样的马云, 一个外国投资人、咨询顾问眼中的马云和阿里巴巴会是什么样的?1994年就来到中国,阿里巴巴创业早期的咨询顾问克拉克先生将阿里巴巴帝国崛起过程中他的见闻、感触和思考结合深入的访谈、研究写成了这本书。



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作者:[美]Ben Horowitz。翻译:杨晓红、钟莉婷。2015年3月版。在《创业维艰》中,本·霍洛维茨从自己的创业经历讲起,以自己在硅谷近20余年的创业、管理和投资经验,对创业公司(尤其是互联网技术公司)的创立、经营、人才选拔、企业文化、销售、CEO与董事会的关系等方方面面,毫无保留地奉上自己的经验之谈。他还谈到了与比尔·坎贝尔、安迪·拉切列夫、迈克尔·奥维茨等硅谷顶级CEO和投资人的交往经历,从他们身上学到的宝贵经验,以及他和马克·安德森这对绝佳拍档为何能够一起奋斗18年还能合作得这么好。大多数创业书所说的都是如何做正确的事,不把事情搞砸,而本·霍洛维茨还会告诉你:当事情已经搞砸时,你该怎么办。


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The Art of the Deal (mind map)

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump with Tony Schwartz (1987)

Here is Trump in action—how he runs his business and how he runs his life—as he meets the people he needs to meet, chats with family and friends, clashes with enemies, and changes the face of the New York City skyline. But even a maverick plays by rules, and Trump has formulated eleven guidelines for success. He isolates the common elements in his greatest deals; he shatters myths; he names names, spells out the zeros, and fully reveals the deal-maker’s art. And throughout, Trump talks—really talks—about how he does it.


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Chopin’s F minor Concerto: Larghetto

Second movement of Chopin Concerto #2 in F minor (Zimerman)

Chopin Concerto No.2 Op.21

A passage of classical music that I practiced myself and listened to for hundreds of times. Today as I put on my earphone, tears emerge in my eyes and tears drop along my cheek. For the first time, I finally began to understand, appreciate, and indulge myself into a feeling. A feeling that is so sincere, ardent, and infectious that deeply touchs my heart.

Love Piano.jpg

What, on earth, is love?

Love is a feeling.

It is a feeling of heart bumping because of someone special.

It is a feeling of being marveled and captivated by the most delicate and beautiful image you’ve ever seen.

It is a feeling of an urgent desire to open up your heart to her with your deepest and honest feels.

It is a feeling of being brave and courageous to take action and make things happen.

It is a feeling of fear like butterflies in your stomache in case what lies ahead isn’t what you expected.

It is a feeling of igniting a forceful and ever-growing lust as if kindled fire flares up everywhere.

It is a feeling of a desire to seize and protect what will become the other half of you in a palace built with flame of passion.

It is a feeling of ecstasy to create a world with her that is full of hope, full of romance, and full of excitement.

It is a feeling of being thankful to God for bringing to your world a most adorable and precious gift.

It is the feeling of falling in love.

Chopin encountered his fellow student Constantia during his study in music school. Constantia’s vivid singing voice and beauitful figure occupied the young composer’s mind and gave him unbridled inspirations for his first concerto. The concerto’s debut was in 1830 where the second movement, the Larghetto, bears Chopin’s depiction of Constantia and his heart. It remained, in the end, a distant infatuation. Chopin carried on with his affection for this concerto which eventually inspired many other composers later on.

Chopin f minor.jpeg

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