Chopin’s F minor Concerto: Larghetto

Second movement of Chopin Concerto #2 in F minor (Zimerman)

Chopin Concerto No.2 Op.21

A passage of classical music that I practiced myself and listened to for hundreds of times. Today as I put on my earphone, tears emerge in my eyes and tears drop along my cheek. For the first time, I finally began to understand, appreciate, and indulge myself into a feeling. A feeling that is so sincere, ardent, and infectious that deeply touchs my heart.

Love Piano.jpg

What, on earth, is love?

Love is a feeling.

It is a feeling of heart bumping because of someone special.

It is a feeling of being marveled and captivated by the most delicate and beautiful image you’ve ever seen.

It is a feeling of an urgent desire to open up your heart to her with your deepest and honest feels.

It is a feeling of being brave and courageous to take action and make things happen.

It is a feeling of fear like butterflies in your stomache in case what lies ahead isn’t what you expected.

It is a feeling of igniting a forceful and ever-growing lust as if kindled fire flares up everywhere.

It is a feeling of a desire to seize and protect what will become the other half of you in a palace built with flame of passion.

It is a feeling of ecstasy to create a world with her that is full of hope, full of romance, and full of excitement.

It is a feeling of being thankful to God for bringing to your world a most adorable and precious gift.

It is the feeling of falling in love.

Chopin encountered his fellow student Constantia during his study in music school. Constantia’s vivid singing voice and beauitful figure occupied the young composer’s mind and gave him unbridled inspirations for his first concerto. The concerto’s debut was in 1830 where the second movement, the Larghetto, bears Chopin’s depiction of Constantia and his heart. It remained, in the end, a distant infatuation. Chopin carried on with his affection for this concerto which eventually inspired many other composers later on.

Chopin f minor.jpeg


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